Upendra is a psychological thriller film written and directed by Upendra. A sequel tilted Uppi 2 was released in 2015.


Bethala begins to narrate one of his puzzling tales to Vikramāditya which is the story of Naanu (that stands for ‘I’ or ‘Me’) an ego-driven selfish character and the three women in his life. Naanu since childhood hates hypocrisy and always speaks the truth. In the process, he exposes the truth behind everything.

A young woman Rathi comes to know her father’s hatred towards her in this process and falls in love with Naanu.

However she finds out that Naanu wants to marry a billionaire Keerthi whose deceased father decides that her husband would inherit her entire wealth. He prints wedding cards and distributes it to all, including the employees working in Keerthi’s establishments. This angers Keerthi who orders her guardian’s son (who wants to marry her for the same reason) to attack Naanu.

They bring a woman Swathi, who lives in his house and toture her. Naanu comes to her rescue and it is revealed that Swathi is Naanu’s wife. The three women decide to kill Naanu.

Bethala asks Vikramāditya whether Naanu would survive or die in their hands. Vikramāditya says that Naanu, Rathi, Swathi and Keerthi are not humans and instead represent human ego, beauty, responsibilities and money respectively.


Film – Upendra/ ಉಪೇಂದ್ರ

Director – Upendra
Producer – Shilpa Srinivas
Star Cast – Upendra, Raveena Tandon, Prema, Damini
Music – Gurukiran
Year – 1999

“Uppigintha Ruchi Bere Illa” – Upendra
“MTV Subbalakshmige” – Udit Narayan
“2000 AD Lady” – Gurukiran
“Enilla Enilla” – Pratima Rao
“Mastu Mastu Hudugi” – Mano
“Raveena” – Rajesh Krishnan