The nameless film was originally represented only by the hand symbol as seen in the poster above and Upendra wanted the audience to name the film. The hand symbol could mean zero, or three or the Om symbol or Vitarka Mudrā (an ancient Buddhist gesture). The public and media stuck to calling it Super.

Super depicts a Utopian India in the year 2030 where Indians are depicted to be wealthy, hard-working, and are seen adorning traditional attire. In contrast, the westerners are the ones taking care of menial jobs like taxi driving, janitorial etc. It is a future where the rupee is valued 70 times the British pound and people who cannot speak Kannada are considered illiterates. From this setting, the film regresses back to the current year 2010 where India is beset with problems of corruption, red-tapism, pollution and unemployment.

The film finds a climax back in 2030 where a foreigner asks an Indian as to who was responsible for all the good changes in India, and the film ends abruptly again with the index finger pointing at the audience, symbolizing that it’s the people who are ultimately responsible for the course of a nation.

“Kaayi Kaayi Uppinakaayi” – Kunal Ganjawala
“Sikkapatte Ishtapatte” – Upendra
“Come on Come on” – Rahul Nambiar
“Yeri Mele Yeri SPB” – Shamitha Malnad, Upendra
“Look at the Style” – Naveen Madhav

Super - 2010

Film – Super/ ಸೂಪರ್

Director – Upendra
Producer – Rockline Venkatesh
Star Cast – Upendra, Nayantara, Sadhu Kokila, Tulip Joshi
Music – V. Harikrishna
Released On – 3rd December 2010