Film – Shrimathi/ ಶ್ರೀಮತಿ

Director – Ravi Kumar
Producer – Shankar Gowda
Star Cast – Upendra, Celina Jaitely, Priyanka Trivedi Upendra, Prem Chopra, Sayaji Shinde, Rekha Das
Music – Ghantadi Krishna
Released On – 8th July 2011

“Jhum Jhum Maiyella” – Badri, Shamita Malnad
“Sanje Mussanje” – Chaitra H. G., Joel
“Preethse Preethse” – Rajesh Krishnan, Nanditha
“Luv Luv” – Hemanth, Sneha Ravindra
“Viraha Noorutaraha” – Chaitra H. G.

Shrimathi - 2011

To save her husband Rajakumar (Upendra) from a woeful situation, the assistant to barrister Priya (Priyanka Trivedi Upendra) takes up his case when the crucial proof is lost. Priya, to prove that her husband is innocent comes as advocate and reopens the case that is almost closed. The evidence she delivers, the questioning she makes to Sonia Roy (Celina Jaitley) earns her applaud. Priya turns the perfect ‘Shrimathi’ and saves her husband from virtual imprisonment.