Film – Shhh!/ ಶ್!

Director – Upendra
Producer – Kumar Govind
Star Cast – Kumar Govind, Kashinath, Suresh Heblikar
Music – Sadhu Kokila
Released On – 3rd December 1993

Shhh! is a 1993 Kannada horror suspense film written and directed by Upendra. It was also the debut movie of Sadhu Kokila as an actor and music director.

A shooting crew being led by the Kashinath arrive to start filming of their newly approved film. They have selected an estate called as ‘onti mane estate‘, which is a much feared place in the vicinity. As they try to find their way to the estate, they encounter a series of comical mishaps and mysterious deaths. Kumar Govind and Kashinath try to demystify the cause behind the deaths.

“Avanalli Ivalilli” – L. N. Shastry
“Dava Dava Nadukava” – S. P. Balasubramanyam, Manjula Gururaj