Film – A/ ಏ
Director – Upendra
Producer – B Jagannath, B.G. Manjunath
Star Cast – Upendra, Chandini
Music – Gurukiran
Released on – 12th February 1998

A is a 1998 psychological love story film written and directed by Upendra.

A foreign woman, Marina, wants to distribute the unreleased controversial film A directed by Soorya. However the censor board permits only twenty random minutes to be screened and the climax is censored to such an extent that it no longer made any sense. She suggests its producers to re-shoot the film. However, Soorya is not in a position to participate in the film’s shoot as he became a drunkard after actress Chandini, who debuted with his film, rejects his love. Soorya’s family is unable to meet their ends after he stops directing films. Lost in her thoughts, he wanders near her house every night drunk, only to be expelled by her henchmen. He then saves a novice actress named Archana from a group of henchmen who are revealed to be Chandini’s. On Chandini`s orders, Soorya along with his father and Archana are arrested on charges of prostitution. Soorya and his father are released on bail by Marina and the plight of his family makes Soorya swear revenge.

A - 1998

Sum Sumne” – Rajesh Krishnan
Chandini” – L. N. Shastry, Prathima Rao
Helkollakonduru” – L. N. Shastry
Idhu One Day Match” – L. N. Shastry
Maari Kannu” – S. P. Balasubrahmanyam